Thursday, November 13, 2008

Left turn gladiators

Kolla japanska motsvarigheten till flattrack och speedway. I japan fungerar det som trav där man satsar på sin favoritchafför, som kör i hockeyskydd och lysande tröjjor. Teq. specs på japanska

Has no brake
This is the most conspicuous characteristic of a racing bike. As the race is carried out in the close positions braking often causes hitting accidents from behind. Additionally, since its carburetor has no idling work that closes the shutter tightly, the engine brake works well.
The level of steering handles differs from left and right
The racing motor cycle that runs counter clockwise has a higher left handle to gain a better stability when it inclines.
Has no gauge
Meters, lamps and other gauge that are unnecessary for racing are not installed. There are no starter and kick pedal either. Pushing starts the engine.
Diamond shaped frame
Diamond shaped frame developed from JAP Excelsior is used. This type fixes the triangle frame, engine, engine plate, upper and lower pack frames with bolts and nuts so that it functionally maintains the deformation to the minimum at the time of starting the engine and also falling out. Accessories are front and rear fenders, fender stay, saddle, knee protectors, step and chain case.
Original Suspension Construction
Front suspension is the telescopic type of fork which consists of only coil springs, and the rear is completely rigid. This helps control the machine when the tires skid.
2 Speed Transmissions
Starting with a low gear and after changing into the top gear, all that the racer should do is just axel works. Power range of the top gear is very wide as 50km~150km which requires the driver a very sensitive technique.
Triangle Tires
Dunlop KR-73, 3.00-20-4PR tires are used for both front and rear tires. Although the shape of cross section of the tires is triangle so that it gives better grip of the ground at the curve, the brand new tires still do not have enough grips usually. We sand the part of the tire, which contacts the ground, and let it run several rounds on the course. In addition, a tire normally lasts for 3~4 races.
There are no special tires for a rainy day. Tires with high tread is rather for a rainy day and the low tread is for a clear day. In a very cold winter season, KR-73W tires could be used which have different ratio of chemical composition thus increasing the heat buildup of the rubber.


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