Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little by little... Don't want to blow my whole load at once.(verona pt2)

Speedy, varför fick jag inte tröjorna i tid... nästa år höjjer vi priset till 35Euro. 25 är för billigt.

Harley XL

Harley XL. Som en göteborgare sa: GOOA RÖÖÖR ENNA...!

Zodizc XL tracker

Wierdo Yamaha.

Konstant dimma.

Was R.Belladonna really abducted by aliens while smoking outside the expo...? Is area 51 located at st:eriksplan Sthlm..? Does Muffe have the answer to this conspiracy..?

Berg och en stolpe

Align CenterHmm..dont really know about this one... Speedy.?

Che helmet anyone?

Chopper project by Ace of Spade, Verona.

Panhead, Ace of Spade.

Sinners monter

Sinners racing dept.

Pre historic flat track.

Mer kommer.


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