Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Remenicing 6months of BDT

Verona bike expo

The alien abduction

Filipina, coming back to all of you soon for more advice and overall good lessons


Warsaw belongs

If you see this bike in Copehagen, CALL A TOWTRUCK

Warsaw oh warsaw

48hour of inzanity, or was it 48minutes?

Sheraton cab station

good times n' me

Shop truck

Yes, this used to belong to the band

Cheap polisch guy...

Under 10 spänn i december...!!!

Dungeon pit

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Drop off at the powdercoat guy (who now lives the good life in the bahamas with all of our hard earned "knegarcash")

You know the guy

Whiskey a go-go beach run -2008

Project #3
Deposit 99,95$ in our offshore caymanisland acount for the uncencored version.

//R.Belladonna, like Steven Segal: I'm just the cook...

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Sexdrömmen said...

Hej! Sexdrömmen länkar till er och kanske skriver jag något om er då och då :). Länka gärna tillbaka om ni vill. Mvh Sexdrömmen