Friday, May 15, 2009


Belladonna is indeterminate. Some would say that we're a collective of artists, musicians, dancers, party people, thinkers, creative minds, etc. Others would say that we are only the frivolous who initiative frivolity. That's fine too. We would like to think that Belladonna serves as an outlet for creative minds dedicated to the preservation of all things important to us (art, motocykles, music, film, ideas, and everything in our past and present memories that seem to transcend, wander and reappear in our society) , but that's quite the shoes to fill. We also would like to think that all we are doing, is the only thing we are doing, which is just that: The act of doing. A bit too general? Maybe. Not specific enough? Sure. But we're no different than you, or anybody else. And just like you and everyone else in the world, rather than trying to define ourselves to a precision, we would rather just do things to keep moving, because we would rather be victims of our own charade than be fools who don't do anything at all. We're not hype, not now, not then, not beast, not high, not low, not juicy, not coutur, not street, not scene, not punk, not rock, not rich, not poor just Belladonna.

//P.Belladonna is to fuckedup to think strait.

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Dan said...

I don't think I'm wasted enough to follow that right now, I'll have to revisit it when in a more bent frame of mind!