Friday, August 7, 2009

Knivsöder Rocks..

How cool is it to see U2 on their new spectacular world tour show when you could have seen them in a dirty basement 20 years ago when they ran their first concert. Now is it your chance to do the same, see tomorrows stars today, long before the tickets cost 500 to much and you have to squeeze in at the concert next to a "Svenne banana" that has become a fan through a greatest hits collection he found at a petrol station.

Three super hot band is going to be on stage at KNIVSÖDERS club at LILLAHOTEL BAREN from 2100 on thursday th13 , you as a true Belladonna fan, are of course more than invited

Ps. Oh! never forget where you heard them the first time ..

/ / P. Bella Donna sing the happy song

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