Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Live your dream..with us

In 2010, Belladonna intends to participate in the UK flat track series. But to realize our dreams, we need you. Together we can take the sport and your brand to a new dimension. We will need help with Motorcycles, parts and transportation.

Find a parade and get in front of it.

We need:
Two 450 crf Honda bikes 06-09

Parts and service for a season

Flight Transportation to 8 meetings in England

Rent car for 4 month

Fuel and accommodation

You get:
Total exposure with branded bikes, riders, and buses.

Large logos and banners on one of the biggest mc blogs i Sweden with 30 000 unique visitors

Access to Bdt secret members blog with all the censured photo material

Free access to all Belladonna activities

The best promoters for your brand

And of cause a piece of our asses

Intrested Mail: Racing HQ

//P.Belladonna is a true lover of dirt

Monday, September 28, 2009

BDT Bullets..

BDT is reloading for future flattrack inferno, Join up on Tuesday evening at the track. 1600 sharp!

//P.Belladonna has a big gun!

BDT soon back on a track near you.

Det har varit en hektisk helg för Belladonna, några har har uppvaktat James Deans dödsdag på Kuten, Fårö och andra har hållt ställningarna i BDT HQ. Sammantaget så är hela den övre organisationen inlagt på ett hem för själsligt och sexuellt utmattade. Vi hoppas att vara tillbaka på banan med laddade raketer inom kort.

//P.Belladonna is the banana in the maräng swiss.

Friday, September 25, 2009

love is in the air..

And for all our Lovewarriors we can only say one thing, Go and get it....!

//P. Belladonna has a open mind

BDT drive in..

Bring your bike and hit our crypt tonight, will be waiting with vodka and cheesy radiomusic.

//P.Belladonna is laughing his balls off

BDT gives you wings

Use them and fly over to the domains of BDT at friday night. This offer is only valid for the members of Belladonna LOVE ARMY!! For those who want to apply click here

//P.Belladonna is recovering from a recovery

Animal power

Say hello to this beautiful beasts, a combination of raw power and brilliant design. We got the picts from , we promise they will do it for you!

//P.Belladonna invites all the BDT Lovewarrior to the first get together in the dungeon friday night.

Flattrack game

BORED? Do some afternoon sliding at

//P.Belladonna is taking helicopter lessons

Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 RRP

//R.Belladonna, remember when sex was safe and motorcycles where dangerous..?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speed junkies

Cool bike from Speed junkies , Check out their stuff!

//P.Belladonna is at the tipping point

Love warrior # 86

Vicky from Vitebsk, a russian city situated on the North-East of the Belarus in the land of glacier lakes on the picturesque country and at the same time the birth place of the great painter Marc Chagall. According to a legend Vitebsk was founded in 974 by Princess Olga of Kiev after successful campaign against the Baltic tribe Jacviahi. After some dramatic centuries we welcome this beautiful human being to the BDT battlefield of liquor and love. Vicky has promised to entertain us with her happy smile, but if you cant wait until then read her blog HERE

//P.Belladonna only crashed once at the practice yesterday.

Flattrack afterhour

Rob and Speedy in hard practice for the 2010 flattrack seasong, any body with a fat and generous wallet are welcome to sponsor this two gentlemen. For a full sponsorship you get acces to "Belladonna Secrets", BDT`s new members sight were all the banned photo material are collected.

//P.Belladonna is unlocking a new level

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life without BDT

//B.Belladonna never ever leave you!

Pinup girls

Blog tip of the day:

//P.Belladonna is hungry for more

Coolest pics ever

//R.Belladonna, speachless

Can´t live without

A belladonna tracker?

//P.Belladonna promise to help you!

Swedish sin

There are rumors on that Volvo is planning to resume production of the P1800, we in Belladonna thinks that sounds like a good idea. Now when the financial crisis is coming to an end and people begin to open your wallet again, maybe we will see above beauties caress our rigid streets.

//P.Belladonna is loongdistance love

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love warrior # 85

BDT´s new member "My" are guided into the heart of Belladonna. My who has been a prospect for several month now finally got her initial ritual done with spray colors and stinking polish vodka.

Welcome My into the wild world of Belladonna.

//P.Belladonna has a new gun.

Lördagens lyckligaste man

//R.Belladonna, 20mil idag..! Fucks, U owe me...

Home with the boys

The BDt boys are celebrating their victories with beer and babes. For the suckers that missed this session, we can only say one thing...loooser!

//P.Belladonna says click!