Friday, October 30, 2009

Flying high

Bdt spread the wings at 22pm tomorrow night:)

//P.Belladonna is flying high

Lets make ouT!

A litet smakprov på musiken som kommer att spelas på BDT´s kalas imorgon kväll:)

//P.Belladonna har en insider på systemet som kan lossa Jack Daniels för en hundring.

Girls from ipandema

Cool pic from Brasil, love it! We do!

//P.Belladonna, dansa samba med mig!

Bdt hallowen art exebition

Ren Jing

Mia Mäkilä

BDT is getting in mood for the bloody weekend with gasoline and bizarre art expressions.
All the Bdt boys are gathered to sacrifice a watermelon in respect natures divine powers.
Join us on our dark heavenly journey.

//P.Belladonna loves the combination of rubberblack and vermillion red.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fiesta de muerte

This weekend BDT is waking up the dead, on Saturday at 23pm the Belladonnas are getting together at a secret location to celebrate the sexy, scary, beautiful death. Oh Yes! by the way! You are invited! If you are a excellent stripper...!? We need someone to attack our new invested Poole.

//P. Belladonna says buh!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The essense of life




I got this goldmine of pictures of Terry Mussett from the fantastic BDT dude Pelle Jansson. thanks!!

//P.Belladonna is planning fiesta de muertes

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get your balls together..

Bdt is preparing for winter and investing in 20 balls squeezer for future furious fantastic flying balls adventures. An beginners course in ball squeezing is taking off this Friday in the dungeon.

//P.BellaDonna´s balls are hanging loose

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rock on!

Had to clean my soul with some true musical excellence after 1 minute with Idiot 2009.

Ps. Remix

//P.Belladonna says move forward punks!

Idol 2009

When you want a tooth removed, do you visit a vegetable salesman in the suburb, or if you want a new electrical system for your darling, do you visit a dentist? The answer is NO! But how in hell did Idol get it sooo wrong. They ask the Swedish people when they want to find the new talented artist. The majority of the people listen to dansband and, hits for kids is the most sold album for the last five years. An "Absolute tonedeath Music" generation is in for the quest to nominate talented and musical brillianse??? BDT has a new name for the whole concept. IDIOOOOT 2009.

//P.Belldonna is singing tibetansk strupsång på idol 2010

Grow up!

"Get your shit together and hit the track", is a new bdt saying. There are some times in life when you work too much and the family is taking up all the spare time....and you forget what life is all about...:taking a curve at maximum speed! Bdt is going to sit down and take a crisis meeting this week and invent reliable excuses to be told at work and at the dinner table to the jealous, beautiful sidekicks to enable some true quality time on two wheels.

//P.Belladonna is planning on growing up..or not!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Babes & guns # 7

Saturday and back in the dungeon, yesterdays short visit in the south parts of Stockholm are still on the paylist. Tonight Bdt is going to barbeque all the meat they hunted down last night at the safari on the hills of Hornstull. Marinated with smoked whiskey and sweet sauce, the steaks are prepared for orgies in burned flesh. Feel hungry? Join us!

//P.Belladonna fresh flesh on a stick!

Winter darkness

Whats up when the helmets are placed on the shelf and the bikes are parked in the garage for the winter. It's raining and all the happiness in life comes out of a bottle. Well, it is now we proudly present our new hobby, Stamp collection. A few of the Bdt crew were more into going around hitting authorized assholes, but the BDT boys have been non existing at the gym, so that wasn't an option. Do you have a better idea please contact us, we are desperate.

//P.Belladonna is planning on building bikes again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Robert Longo

BDT in the Jaws of pumping desire. Tonight Bdt are going to satisfie the beast at a secret location at Slussen in the center of Stockholm. If you are going to miss out, get a feeling of the sharp teeth here, Robert Longo´s exhibition PERFECT GODS (Charcoal on mounted paper) from 2007

Ps. Deadline guestlist 1200.

//P. Belladonna is starving for more

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great combinations #1

Two of Belladonnas favorites interests combined, Naked body's and paint. One person that agree on that is the great artist Kim Joon. Check out his work, fXXckin talented dude!

//P.Belladonna found out that the comviq surfsticka works as a great buttplug.

We like drinking beer

//P.Belladonna sticks to whiskey

Better then sex..

Sorry girls...but its true, if you are hoked up with a biker and he saying different, then he is lying.
If you are a biker and disagree...then you are not riding fast enough.
If you are not a biker, or being treaten by one, what can i say, drop dead!

//P.Belladonna agree

Jump for joy #3

//P.Belladonna is high on cucumber and air

Speedy got a new gun!

Watch out ...Speedy has a new gun. Nobody is safe from the intergalactic infrared super duper machine and his owner. Are you categorized as high standard, lock your self in and throw the key away, or your butt will end up here at BDT.

Volunteers, call NOW!

//P. Belladonna is making love to the camera!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Into my arms

Bdt opens their arms for people that want a piece of action. Tomorrow BDT moves their regular friday gathering to a new basement in the south parts of Stockholm. If you want to be a part of it, email us tomorrow 12 noon at the latest. If you have other plans, too bad for you, at least 8 of BDT´s lovewarriors already signed up..

//P.Belladonna home at last.



//P.Belladonna is easy entertained..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Give prejudices your hand

Watch, react and speakup!! Belladonnas best friend Dooren Månsson is launching the new brilliant tv serie " Välkomna nästan allihopa" about human stupidity and prejudices.

//P.Belladonna is at war with the shitty comvic surf