Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here we come!

Amazing, unbelievable, incredible 35 000 unique visitors at a shitty little Swedish Blog produced out of a shitty little Country in the arctic part of the world. With shitty English, stereotype bikers/babes culture and loads of love, attracts BDT visitors from over 80 country's. Who in hell is the single reader from Aruba? Well we just realize that all this has happen in a year.

So now we can inform all our readers that as soon as we reach 50 000 unique readers we are going to have a 1 year GRAND PARTY for all our reader from all around the world. If you need some assistants with hotels and transportation we are happy to help.

Spread the BDT message, link it, forward it, Rss it...whatever it takes to get fast as hell to the 50 000 limit and to the PARTY of the century.

More information to come when WE are closing up.

//P.Belladonna is preparing for the party of the century.

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