Monday, October 5, 2009

Belladonna is..

People always ask us -what the fXXk is Belladonna? We use to answer -The day we know the same day it will die. But to help you curious people we would like to illustrate us will some pictures, and then its up to you to decide who we are..fare?

High flying feminists


True lovers (of the Swedish sin)

Exposed (to our desires)

En nagel i ögat,
on every authority thats proclaims adulthood

Anonymous (for non believers)

Believer of people (not rules)

MindfXXking (for people with one)

Time wrecking

Contradictive (for a few)

Dressed to kill

Brilliant fingers (were ever you place them)

//P.Belladonna asks, is it enough?

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