Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love warrior# 88

Well i am trying to write something...but whenever i am trying to attack the keyboard with my smart comments i get distracted by the picture above, i cant think strait, keep my head in upright position without leaning it to the right and fly away..The person that has this impact on my (un)senses is Love warrior #88 Monica, an angel from Hägersten in Stockholm. For 5 minutes she keept standing in front of the camera before she went down and sweeped across the garage floor, spreading her unlimited love. It is in this enlightening moments you realize their is a god.

Ps. All the BDT vip´s can see the censured pictures at the members blog Belladonna secrets.

//P.Belladonna is glaabllaa...

1 comment:

Lawrence said...

Love your blog ... been following you guys for some time.

I am an SR500 fan, although I currently run an SRX-6.

How do I get an invite to join Belladonna secrets?