Tuesday, November 10, 2009


BDT is in a emergency meeting, the BDT blog has been hacked! Rumors and messages has been infiltrated on the BDT Blog, that we doesn't exist?? And that BDT is just bizarre construction of a twisted mind, what a joke! BDT suspicions is directed towards the department for civil control. DCC has for very long time suspected BDT for a conspiracy against the foundations of the Swedish society, the Concept "Måtta" (which is easiest translated "normal") The basic rules is don´t stick out, do things as you been told and most important neeever ever listen to a Belladonna.

If you have doubts about our existence ask our old friend Pink, She has for a long time been a true fan of Belladonna. Yesterday she called the BTD boys and asked them if they wanna join the concert in Globen, YEES was the obvious answer.
We love Pink, therefore we are, an old Descartes saying, Proof enough?

Speedy and PINK at a after-party at Berns

//P.Belladonna vs truth = 1-0

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