Friday, November 20, 2009

The BDT way #3

What is the problem, where is the justice? Spain got beaches, sun and cheap liquor. France got the Eiffel tower, MonaLisa and cheap liquor. Poland got hookers, Fucks and cheap liquor. Italy got food, erupting vulcanos and cheap liquor. USA got big guns, New York and cheap liquor. Where in hell is the justice..? We got rain, darkness and oooover priced liquor. Think about all the shit we have to stand with in our cold, dark country. Shouldn't it be Sweden that have the cheap booze? Shouldn't the government sanction the booze to Swedish people? Sweden is the most frequent users of antidepressiv medicine in the world. BDT has a solution, "give people the right to get pissed without getting the wallet raped" BDT Saying of the day.

//P.Belladonna brewery at your service, call in orders now!

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