Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fiesta de muertos part 3

erotic photography
erotic photography
erotic photographyHere comes some more pictures from the insane gathering in the dungeon on Sunday morning. BDT that started building alternative motorcycles for people that like to ride in motvind got flattering job offers since the Saturdays bash, everything from fashion editors at Elle to creative directors at the tv show paradise hotel. BDT är uppe i smöret och vrakar bland anbuden, who knows what is going to happen. Maby BDT is falling for the pressure of fame and fortune and change direction and follow the rest of society´s search for nowhere.

//P.Belladonna beyond the obvious.

1 comment:

harreng said...

Yeah, go on, don't fight it!
Let yourselves sink into the pit of fame and notoriety - it wont hurt! [much]

Let us know how you got on!