Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fiesta de muertos part 4

bella donna trackers
mode saitBDT, the famous land of to much is under surveillance of the yellow and blue flag. BDT has for the last month emptied the ice-cream-boxes around the city. If the summer season was coming up no one would react, but now, November, with the snow hanging in the air? Well you haven't been in the dungeon obviously?? It is smooking hot!! The Swedish ice-cream-control-department (ICCD) have BDT under investigation. Rumors that BDT is buying a gigantic reservoir of ice cream to put out on the black market next spring is spreading in the long corridors of different hight departments in Sweden. Their are some Diabolic speculation about BDT suspect activities, but what can we say? Our guests cool stuff, a lot!!

Ps. The pictures from Saturday is soon finished

//P.Belladonna is absolutely not guilty of being a Svenne, lucky bastard!

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