Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun House

Tomorrow Bdt is off for China, in a small region of Sechuan is the factory located that is going to take over the production of the beautiful Belladonna bikes. BDT is so fucked up with parties and glamour, so getting dirty in the workshop is out of the question. After the recent success BDT is invited to all the prestigious parties around town. BDT understands the importance of being seen to expand the business, so as Belladonna takes another free sponsored coctail, a poor Chinese labor worker assembles the wheels at the next Belladonna tracker (for 1 Euro a day). In the future BDT is planning an imperium of bikes and babes. A huge building is planned in the suburbs of Stockholm, a three store house with gigatic workshops with free rooms for all Lovewarriors that wants to move in. Apply now..

//Belladonna is on the move..

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