Friday, November 13, 2009

Hold on..

BDT "Bold and beautiful" schedule Friday 13 November

Some people try to protect themselves from unexpected things to happen on the superstitious Friday the 13th, they lock their doors and put a blanket over their heads, BellaDonna does the opposite. We want things to happen.. good as bad. We don't want to control destiny, we want to be like a leaf and fly with it wherever it takes us. So to prepare us for all the unexpected things that possibly can happen on a Friday the 13th, we have booked a heavy schedule .

20.00 Freeradicals new movie at Berns
22.00 1 year anneversity at Bon Palais "Venetian theme"
24.00 Private club Velour with the Exellent Belladonna Kent behind the decks.
01.00 Stockholm´s best nightclub Marie Levau with Jesper Dahlbäck & Jean-Louis Hutha
03.00-08.00 afterparty at the dungeon

//P.Belladonna invites beautiful babes and bold boys with balls bigger than a baseball to join.

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