Monday, November 9, 2009

Metropia preeparty

Belladonna´s Speedy and the talanted director Tarik Saleh

BDT is climbing the ladder and was invited to the Metropia preeshow party. BDT, that constantly is having a thumb in the ass of the Swedish Establishment, is slowly developing respect towards the alternative creative cultural society. BDT have serious plans in making a movie about the victims of the untreatable disease "Svenne". The disease hits people in young age and until today there are only a few proven treatments. BDT is in fact the only proven treatment so far. The infected victims are guided through a program carefully selected and developed by BDT. The news have hit the media who intends to make a documentary about the phenomena. BDT is also invited to a preschool in Hollywood to prepare themselves for the assignment and responsibility of being celebrities and official people. The only problem so far is that BDT doesn't is just a fantasy construction in a very sick mind. So there are some free available seats to the flight to Hollywood next week, if someone is interested.

//P.Belladonna, don't miss Metropia a dark and beautiful film about the little man and his efforts to survive in a cruel world of misunderstood love and evil forces.

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Jimhoe said...

Guys! kan sponsra med lite pengar till ett "svenne-influensa-vaccin" men då får ni lova att inte köra flat-track i england för cashen ;)