Friday, December 18, 2009

Love warrior #91

Have ever tasted grapefruit? Well if you have, you know the complex sweet-sour-bitter combination that you cant get enough of. What this analogy has to do whith our latest Love warrior, i don´t have a clue..!? Rosie Hates Grapefruit and are more of a banana person, who have guessed? Anyway, enough with the bullshit and get down to facts.

1. 21 years old
2. 46 kg
3. Love tennis
4. Henry is the name her father.
5. She always wear pink underwear
6. What the fXXk more is it to know..

At the last day of this year you can get over to the BDT dungeon and find out for your self at the Yearly Newyears Bash.

//P.Belladonna, not only apes eats bananas..

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