Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Order by Vladimir Rodjenko # 2

BDT´s prominent member Vladimir Rodjenko had his second exhibition in Sweden. BDT was there to cover it. Aprox 1000 interested guest showed up to see the spectacular pictures of Sweden top artist of the new era, the dj,s. A gigant list of the hip dj´s were represented , MaddeKarin, Tooli, Daniel Savio, Basutbudet, Kim Sandgren, Page Three, Jossan & Tina, Malin Hedman, Vincent Bergman, Rebecca & Fiona, Johanna Beckman, Axel Boman, Lång-Kalle , Jakob Grandin, Klubb KAOS, Testarossa, Audiofon, Miss Dilemma, Pjotr and Chapel Hill Crew.

Soon Vladimir is going to release the exhibition Online, stay connected.

//P.Belladonna is need of a break

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