Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

SMC-NEWORDER Grand Final Party!

Nu är det bara timmar kvar tills den stora finalen av SMC-NEWORDER går av stapeln på Berns.
Det är en galen lineup som står redo:

Indie terassen:
22.00-22.50 Audiofon
22.50-23.40 Långkalle/ Jacob Grandin (Vänner & bekanta &Trädgården)
23.40-00.30 Klubb Kaos
00.30-01.20 David Roiseux
01.20-02.10 Testarossa (Discow Moscow)
02.10-03.00 Långkalle/ Jacob Grandin (Vänner & bekanta &Trädgården)

22.00-22.30 Vincent Bergman (Knivsöder)
22.30-23.20 Daniel Savio LIVE (Flogsta Dancehall)
23.20-23.30 Vincent Bergman (Knivsöder)
23.30-00.30 Basutbudet LIVE
00.30-01.20 Kim Sandgren och Axel Boman (Berns, Imperiet, Vivid Bros)
01.20-02.10 Johan Afterglow LIVE (Vivid Bros, Platform B)
02.10-03.00 Samuel L Session

Du som har osat attending på eventet står på gästlistan (plus en) hela kvällen,
gratis fram till kl 22.30

Osa attending här:

Berzelli Park

//P.Belladonna is on fire

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nu jävlar smäller det..

I kväll, onsdagen den 26:e aug kl. 21.00, är det dags för den första utav tre galna fester i klubbkulturens ära! Det kommer äga rum på Hotellet, Linnégatan 18, och inget annat ställe.. Under tre dagar och i tre olika lokaler kommer ett 30-tal djs trängas vid skivspelarna för att släcka din musiktörstande själ.

Först ut på SMC-NEWORDER 2009 är i:

Övre baren:
21.00-22.15 Jossan och Tina
22.15-23.30 Page Threee
23.30-00.45 Rebecca & Fiona
00.45-02.00 Johanna Beckman

Nedre Baren:
22.00-23.20 I am Björn
23.20-00.40 Kommitén
00.40-02.00 Malin Hedman

Du som har osat attending på eventet står på gästlistan (plus en) hela kvällen, gratis fram till kl 23.00

Har du glömt att osa så gör du det här:

Info om alla dagarna:

Ons 26 aug kl. 21.00-02.00
Hotellet, Linnégatan 18
100 kr i dörren eller förköp på ticnet:


Second coolest mother fuckers in town.


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Count down until the spectacular party SMC-NEWORDER, there is only five more days before you can meet and party with this great people. Belladonna´s Speeedy is triggering his new Canon G10 in every corner of the dark nightclub, no one is safe, i mean no one...

Tickets here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

//P. Belldonna wannebe Terry Richardsson..

Friday, August 21, 2009

//P.Belladonna is fucked up..

(click to enlarge)
..with work. Sorry for letting you folks down with my appearance here at BellaDonna tracker. I have been arranging the "Oscars" party for the club culture here in Stockholm. 3 days, 3 places and 30dj´s. sign up here for more info.

SMC-NEWORDER is soon in your panties.

//P. Belladonna is luring around the corner

Friday, August 14, 2009

Knivsöder and the sound of music

Belldonna Speedys cool club KNIVSÖDER, hosted the concept "New kids on the block" where new brilliant artist get a few minutes of spotlight. Three bands where on stage and totally rocked the azz of the clips is on the way.
Ps. Add the new faceBook group NEWORDER for info about the biggest DJ PARTY OF THE YEAR.

//P.Belladonna is working x-tra at:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday inspiration #2

//P. Beladonna has a surprice

Babes with guns#

Babs and bikes is going for a short vacation and being replaced with "babes with guns". All this women with their hard cold iron with a lot of power, do you see the resemblance, well we like the combination hope you do. In the feministic point of view, dont kill us.. we just like strong women with an aim in life, and that is exactly what this pictures is going to represent..
A new hot chick is going show up every day here at BDT with her favorite toy, Enjoy.

//P.Belladonna says boom boom

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Karma tree at KNiVSÖDER

Sign up for the guest list here:SLICKEPINNE

//P.Belladonna is scouting for tomorrow days stars

Friday, August 7, 2009

Knivsöder Rocks..

How cool is it to see U2 on their new spectacular world tour show when you could have seen them in a dirty basement 20 years ago when they ran their first concert. Now is it your chance to do the same, see tomorrows stars today, long before the tickets cost 500 to much and you have to squeeze in at the concert next to a "Svenne banana" that has become a fan through a greatest hits collection he found at a petrol station.

Three super hot band is going to be on stage at KNIVSÖDERS club at LILLAHOTEL BAREN from 2100 on thursday th13 , you as a true Belladonna fan, are of course more than invited

Ps. Oh! never forget where you heard them the first time ..

/ / P. Bella Donna sing the happy song

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dive deep and stay on top

P.Belladonna always ends up in deep waters but always stays on top

Falcon motorcycles

Falcon Motorcycles is a custom motorcycle manufacturer whose first build, the 'Bullet Falcon' was the winner of the "Best Custom Motorcycle" award at the 2008 Legend Of The Motorcycle International Concours. The award was chosen by Jesse G. James.

Falcon Motorcycles specializes in taking the raw derelict frames and engines of post war British motorcycles, and transforming them into one-of-a-kind, handmade machines. It was founded in 2007, by at the time underground motorcycle builder Ian Barry and his British born fiancee Amaryllis Knight. It officially launched in 2009. Each motorcycle produced by Falcon is unique, and personalized from frame to engine, the majority of parts being custom created for the rider, whilst rare vintage parts are modified and tailored to the specific buyer. or bike (wiki)

//P. belladonna is hot hot hot