Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dirt trackers to die for

//P.Belladonna is causing locomotion

Form and function X2

Belladonna tributes greate ideas, this is one of them. check out Michiel Cornelissen stuff .

//P.Belladonna is a true beliver in function.

The beauty VS the beast

The eternal fight between the opposite sides of humanity!
BDT has started a betting-office and since a couples of hours ago you can place your bets, who is going to win? The odds are 40to3 in advantage to the big beast. Take your chance to refill your party account, or maybe your darling needs a new custom paint job.

BDT Betting Office:

//P.Belladonna is fighting for his life..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


The countdown of our next party has started..Lock your in wife in, start doing push-ups and change your tires, you are going to need it..Chocolate-wrestling with Slice, exhibitionist-exhibition with Speedy and poetry reading by Fucks. This is totally secret so don't tell anybody.

//P.Belladonna has only started..

Art's Birthday Party

The amazing Captain Credible
According to the American Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, art was born over one million years ago when someone dropped a sponge in a bucket of water. It would have taken place on 17 January and, therefore, appointed Filliou January 17, the Arts birthday. To celebrate this, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Swedish Radio has created an annual radio event where electronic music and sounds across Europe. 2010 Art's Birthday Party is held for the sixth time in Sweden. It is the Swedish Radio and Southern Theater in Stockholm which offers the party.

Art's Birthday Party is a transnational visual and musical experience that has its origin in various kinds of electronic music and sound art. It stretches from the narrow to the broad, from the experimental sound art, performance art, radio art, noise and electronic music to pop-oriented electronica, techno, dj-culture and pop / rock with his foot in the electronic tradition.

Södra Teaterns Stora Scen
20.00 Lilian von Haussen (DE)
21.00 Dror Feiler
22.15 Nikka (SPA)
23.30 Vladislav Delay (FIN)

Södra Bar & Kök
17.00 DJ Gavin Maycraft
00.00 DJ Annie (NO)

Södra Teaterns Kägelbana (Västra)
20.15 Fontän
21.15 Den Svenska Björnstammen
22.45 OP: L Bastards (FIN)

Södra Teaterns Kägelbana (Östra)
20.30 Koeff
21.45 The Moth
23.15 Captain Credible (NO)

//P. Belladonna, a better option the Grammis award..trust me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grammis 2010

The Swedish music scene is a flowering tree, filled with bananas, cucumbers and cherrys, tonight they are going to celebrate their excellence at the anal-ual Grammies award. BDT is as always one step ahead and releasing the result in the "best artist"category, klick on the You tube clipp above.

//P.Belladonna is in the act of doing.

Check in Rock out

Last nights party at Scandic Malmen was fantastic! The hyper talented Photographer Fredrik Etoall open his arms with a smile made us aware that he had to get rid of 1500 free drinks ( Jim Beam and coke). Well, we didn't see that as a problem?? We later realized that we had to share them with another 500 arriving guests, so the outcome wasn't that bad.

Check out Fredrik and Milos Etoall cool pictures here

//P.Belladonna manage to get 12 of 1500 down without any problem, until the day after..

Last nights party

Jeanette Cohen from Guitar Hero

Bigs Plans are taking Shape..BDT & Moses from Mo-Cycle jeans


Super hip Dj Space age Baby Jane

Members of Crucified Barbara

The legendary Guitar Brand "Gibson" woke up on the good side and gave away a "Les Paul" in a lottery, Unfortunately wasn't the winner interested in his fantastic price!! and gave it away to random girl, was he a electro musician ?? growing up in a basement with blipping machines? Should´t anybody teach him what a real instrument is, and if he still is not interested, he can just take it to the pawnshop and get a years subscription on Word of Warcraft...?

//P.Belladonna would never ever turn a Gibson down

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guess, Its long and hard

BDT says, thank you really much the anonymous reader in California for the fantastic Christmas present you sent us ! We really appreciate the strip pole, it has been on the wish list for a while now. Here are the pictures as promised.

//P.Belladonna loves hard packages.


BDT receipt tip for real men : Havregrynsgröt make you last longer!

//P. Belladonna says ohh...!

Stiff noses

It is -20 degrees Celsius in Stockholm and the warm hearted BDT is freezing their nooses off. A doors sales man overheard the stiff noose problem and came to rescue. This masks is the latest fashion in the streets of Stockholm...!? The ex SAAB employee is walking door to door, selling this beautiful handcraft and making a fortune.

//P.Belladonna is totally reliable

Babes & guns # 12

//P.Belladonna is aiming for the "bullseye"

Break a leg

//P.Belladonna, det går "bara" runt och runt

Passing sideways

//P.Belladonna sideway on his compass

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obsession #1

As you already know, we have a obsession for "sweets". The street is covered with white frozen water witch makes riding our true sweethearts almost impossible. If you feel lonely and miserable this is a goldmine, well "sweets" is a easy comfort.

//P. Belladonna.......

Animal power

Evolution, first came horse power, then BDT and now the whole fucking zoo is invading the streets, be awere..

//P.Belladonna nobody's is safe

PoP until you drop

Pop a booty..

//P.Belladonna is back in your back.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guitar hero with BDT

We are welcoming every body to a great Guitarhero night in the dungeon this saturaday.

//P.Belladonna is ready for a riff

Living on the edge

NEWS, NEWS! Just as we write this is Speedy signing up for another season at the track with the Speedway team Eldarna. The humiliation have no end, Speedy is going to take his reputation on another breath taking journey. So please every hospitals stay alert from the beginning of may.

//P.Belladonna says AJ!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Think outside the box..

Belladonna is welcoming crazy ideas with open arms...

//P.Belladonna thinking about you..