Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love warrior # 95

Lisa our new lovebird, is in the BDT house to conquer the ice that have embedded our Arctic bodies. We welcome her flame thrower of love. On Friday she is going to present a little surprise to the BDT boys, it has to do with singing...)

//P.Belladonna is hungry

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oscar for best movie!

//P.Belladonna is making woopie..

Skin Deep by Carlos Norlén

The job as a fashion photographer has taken Carlos Norlén around the world for over 10 years.
Mandates have included everything from bikinis in Cape Town and Dubai, golf fashion in Miami, celebrity portraits in Los Angeles, wrapping in Monaco and some nice girls in Barcelona. A crazy advertising-AD sent him over the day to a suburb of Paris! Mission: to hands-free photograph factory for an annual report! "Plate like that shit!" he said. Carlos sent the pictures home to a glorious AD, then stayed for two months to shoot a little techno clubs and cool people, just like that.
In Skin Deep want Carlos to highlight the simple and unadorned, the rough, dirty and sexy as always been the driving force in his work. "A flash and a camera, it is enough, when we, after weeks of client meetings, planning, frustrating logistics and production stands there with expensive top models, anxious customers at home in Sweden wants to keep the budget ... well, then it is easy to get performance anxiety! So the only right thing is being honest with himself and pragmatic break down the work right down the middle ... you drink some wine and take a some pictures ... it's not exactly rocket research ... embrace your anxiety and channeling it to the fatal passion for work ... and the weight of the earliest of all, love what you do! "

The Epicurean philosophy is shared by Carlos favorite stylists and makeup artists. Together they look to have great fun at work and always returns to its customers with a bunch of pictures filled with passion, joy, energy and lots of love!

Drink some wine and check out some beautiful pictures!

Marie Laveau. Hornsgatan 66,

//P. Belladonna drank wine, or vodka with lemonade.. to fucked up to remember..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

On top of it!

BDT is recovering from the Friday encounter, the hole gang is in coma at the central hospital. I be back with more info when i stopped shaking.


Friday, March 26, 2010



"More rules to control people" is the new political party "SPRIT PARTIET"s (liqueur party) parole. They want with regulations decrease the consumption of alcohol whit half. BDT can´t sit still and has to act...by starting a party by the name "SPRIT PARTIET" (liqueur party).
People with big brains and mouths VS people with big hearts and big thoughts. It's up to you to choose side!! Please help us fight the oppression by people in suit and ugly ties . Make us kings of our own lifes. Don´t ever let anybody take control over your precious bottle.


//P.Belladonna say sheers..

Art school alá BDT

BDT is just back after a hectic weekend.. The Boy´s were invited by their close friend Oriana Ashley to participate i vibrant art session. BDT is now fully learned body painters and will try out their new skills tonight in the dungeon. Bring color to your life and and show up..

//P.Belladonna is it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The first Swedish real life super hero KICKEN ANDERSSON have landed in Stockholm, read about his adventures here , their are some rumors that he is going change some black rubber at one of the BDT bikes next week, stay tuned..

//P.Belldonna KICK ASS FOR REAL...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love warrior # 94

Belladonna army are happy to announce their new warrior of love. "Kit" was recruited at a garden party in the streets of the town Prejudice . She is a freedom fighter investing her life in the war against the tyranny of normalcy. The tyranny that secretally invade your closet, work space, relationship and life. Soon your free spirit are bounded to the ground, impotent of challenge new experiences.
Embrace this new love warrior, she maybe safe your life and help you from fading out of your dreams.

//P.Belladonna is planting trees with blue leaves

Love is in the air

//P.Belladonna is going to have his first glass of påskmust

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sideburn magazine #5

Yes its Christmas...!? Number 5 of Sideburn Magazine is out..Our fantastic love warrior Leeloo is covering one of the fullpacked pages, the best of two worlds combined, the successful BDT mix of undisputed love and fast machines on two wheels .

Buy NOW!! Here!!

//P.Belladonna is standing in line to buy..

Monday, March 22, 2010


It is spring in Sweden..and you can feel it into the bones... in the BDT dungeon. Stockholm is a open wound filled salt and love. Everything is just like normal but multiplied with 1000. Stockholm celebrated the arrival of the spring by visiting BDTs yearly "first day of the spring party" Here are some Pics (witch was seriously reduced, when the photographer Vladimir had a little bit to much to drink) Can you feel the feeling...of the warm summer wind sweeping in over your frozen body? If not, you are welcome to The BDT dungeon next week to put your stiff corp on the BDT barbecue of love.

//P.Belladonna turns mulipersonality into an artform