Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The art of difference

A question Sequel!!WHAT THE HECK IS BELLADONNA?? We would say its the art of being different. Different sounds like an easy word but has for ages been hunted down by the forces of the controlled society.

We are not different because its cool or that we want to, it´s because we are and we can. It sounds ridiculous, but it takes some effort to fight the peoples perception of Status Q. BDT´s radical and frivolous living may take relationships to its limits, a few love warriors has already left the building to save their possibility to participate in a normal "IKEA" relationship with dinner and dessert in front of the television on Friday nights, we want a little bit more..

We have realized it is not within the angle of our eye perspective that the great possibilities lure, it is far outside, in undiscovered waters that tomorrow's truth lies. But to get there some conventions has to be questioned and crashed. "Different" makes people s**t their pants and they do everything in their power to preserve the patterns of the ordinary.

So instead of repeating whats already done, we want create something new, we take a little bit of this and a little bit of that... And then we put those hand picked pieces in a blender of love and we get BDT, Got it??

//P.Belladonna is was he was a few hours ago.

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