Friday, April 16, 2010

Erupting vulcanos

A black cloud is sweeping across Sweden..Is it the conscience that covers our souls, is it hell that finally reached earth ? No it is dust from BDT´s Erupting volcano, the never ending source of bubbling energy that is clouding peoples minds, People are starting to wear gasmasks to protect them self from getting infected by the contagious BDT Virus. The effect comes fast. People STOP to talk shit about other people, people START to think what they can do for other people instead of the opposite, people START to think that people that does things a little bit different is cool and they HAVE to get a Belladonna tracker, FAST... Dangerous ?? Shit!! get yourself a mask, FAST..

If you cant stand the effects get your mask here: Röda stjärnans Militaria

//P.Belladonna is breding the air

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