Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Flying Finn is back again!

BDT just got a Phone call from The initiated BDT member Joonas Kylmakorpi that started the season excellent with last scoring 15 points in Manchester. After this performances so far for Eastbourne, JK was offered to race for Västervik. Kylmakorpi decided then to become a part of the team and signed the deal with Västervik Speedway.

This season his team partners in Västervik are going to be: Tomasz Chrzanowski, Chris Harris, Billy Forsberg, Tomasz Jędrzejak, Nikolai Klindt, Peter Ljung, Rafała Okoniewski. The leader of the team is a polish superstar Tomasz Gollob. Joonas is hoping to supply the team with his great effort and good performances. The league meetings starts at the 27th of April. Västervik is going to compete in the away battle racing against Dackarna.

//P:Belladonna says DONT BRAKE A LEG!!

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