Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KIckAss Kicken Andersson

Kicken andersson utanför statshuset
Kicken andersson på Malmen
Kicken andersson på Malmen med topmodeller
Kicken andersson med Elin kling på Stan
Kicken andersson med Rebecka och Fiona på Marie Laveau
Kicken Andersson hoppar högt

(Pictures from his Facebook)
We got a phone call from this great guy Kicken Andersson, Swedens first real life super hero. He told us the he heard about Belladonna on his adventures around the country, and now he phoned us to ask if we needed any help..? Of course we need help, 8 bikes is still not ready to hit the spring sun heatet streets. So if you wanna have a chance to meet this incredible Kicken Andersson, show up tomorrow at 8 when he is going g to hit the BDT dungeon.

He just told us that he is giving away tickets to his movie KICKASS on his facebook page, Join Kicken Andersson FB here: KICKASS

//P.Belladonna ??

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