Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love Warrior #25

Love warrior #25 is at a pole dancing school, to in the future give dancing lessons in the dungeon. For the BDT boys, pole dancing is the highest art form of dance. The BDT boys has been demonstrating outside the Swedish "Royal Opera" to make them understand the importance of this neglected art form. At the Royal Opera over dressed ballet dancers are lifting each other to 200 year old music. At the dungeon the women are flying naked, by them self, to fleshly music made in a basement tree days earlier...Can you get the absurd contrast? The Royal Opera gets millions of millions of tax paying money to preserve something so perverted as cultivated stagnated minds. So open your window and let the wind of the future fill your room and let the dust of yesterday blow away...

Send "your" opinion, to Kungliga operan, and maybe you will see a vibrant Love warrior crossing the stage in a near future.

//P.Belladonna is flying hight without the fucked culture elites wings of green Franklin's

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