Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love warrior # 95

We have favorite re run with Love warrior #95. She promised to host the oil wrestling championship BDT is hosting this Friday for the Swedish feminist party. The feminist party's new issue is that every women have the right to the same size of their breasts. A lot of women are in agony sizing their carriers of life in the mirror every morning, hoping for a miracle. The politicians have heard the feminist party and are developing the "Moderaterna" silicon institute. It is found the discrimination is far bigger the the politicians taught , through a resent research it is found that women with a bigger boobs have 33 % easer to get a attractive job than women with small ones. So instead of waiting for the traditional feminist movement to help women to be equal on the job market the feminists are simply requesting their followers to get bigger boobs.

//B.Belladonna is a little bit different

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