Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wake up!!


We got some angry letters from unstrung readers concerning the latest post regarding promoting exotic dancers at the Royal Opera. We just wanna say face the facts...Opera had its glory days a century ago for the rich and fortunate, do you think that "real" people afforded something like the Opera?. We just wanna say, please don't impose your lost youth on the rest of us. We respect the tradition of Isadora Duncan, Tchaikovsky and the other composing dudes, but life moves forward, and the best way of coping with that is not to preserve the past. Life takes new expression for the better and for the worst, and the remains of history should rest on Wikipedia. People experiment, do things the wrong way, correct it and maybe change things to the better.

So there you are at the Royal Opera in front of 300 government tax payed artists trying to stay awake, wondering if it rains outside and whether someone stole your umbrella you left in the entrance. Or you can be in a dark space with an African wonder-woman performing her dancing skills in your lap. You feel her pulse vibrating in your bones, she is whispering the tones of freedom in your sensitive ear and her body is transforming your transcendental being to a level you never ever experienced before.

We are being accuses for anti intellectual anti feminist propaganda but that is the stupid mans defense, we just say WAKE UP! Have you ever fallen asleep with an exotic dancer in your lap..?

//P:Belladonna, what the fuck!! I like Opera!!

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