Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BDT AK-47 school

Ak-47 lesson with Speedy

The rumors that BDT is buying Mykonos has reached the world. The news-channels have mixed feelings, some say that this will be the end of the human race while other think this is going to make change, for reel. BDT has their own aspect on social benefits, what is free dental care against free weaponry Service..? Nothing if you ask a true Belladonna member. Every new inhabitant on the island will get their own Ak 47, one of the strongest symbol of freedom and revolution (and death to a few not so fortunate). Home brewery is going to be legal, every family is going to compete with each other to make the best brew in the world (we guarantee you its not Carlsberg, i mean if they did, why would they have to spend 100000000€ i advertising persuading people?? would´t they get it any way...??). European Union that is struggling with economical problem are afraid that this will be the end of EU, since 35% of their economy lies in alcohol. BDT is going to transport their liquid gold in oil tankers and connect with every European country's water system, so instead of cold water people is going to get 40% of pure BDT happiness, for free...!! BDT is going to finance this by abolish taxes...? Well did you at least passed the math course in school, you will say this is not possible...We say it is..! For every time a person back-stab another human being, BDT´s Love Warriors is going to bee there with there fully loaded AK-47 and collect one dollar...Do the math!!

BDT is also recruiting a:
National anthem composer; we are looking for something strong but at the same time sensitive, like a mix of Wagner and Satie
Linguist: Of cause we got to have our own language, we have sent a request to the Swedish chef in the Muppet show
Pyrotechnician: Just great to have to have!!

Ps. We still haven't got a name for the island!!

//P.Belladonna hahahahh haha....hahahaaaa...

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