Monday, May 10, 2010

The BDT way #4

Belladonna is at a performance test measuring their actual speed limit. BDT have come to the conclusion that every member is over stepping their performance limits. This results in a feeling of alienation and often ends up in compulsive beauvoir, drug and sex abuse etc, every person as well as machinery have their right cruising speed, were they run smoothly in harmony with the nature. From the tests made by the professor in Harmony Mr. Kalkyl it was found that the BDT boys reaches limits that is deadly to a "normal" person. Their sleeping pulse is the same as athletic marathon runner after 3 hour on the track. The hole gang is after this insight sent to a camp in northern Tibet. A senior yellow munch has taken the BDT Boys under his wings. The Boys is on a strict diet and tantra Yoga. So instead of embracing powerful babes and bikes the boys are weaved together with each other slowly mumling .....hummlina humlina huuuuummliaaaaa..........aaaaa.......!!!!

The BDT way:# 1, 2, 3

//P. Belladonna, breaking rules is what defines creativity.

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