Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Be a part of the BDT success

BDT is reaching 70 000 unique readers..Now we invite you to apply and participate in our success in conquering the world. Together with you we want to make the blog even better, more relevant, interesting , beautiful and sexy. If you got a brand that breathes independence, lives on the front line and dares to question the conventions, BDT is the place to hang around. We are a part of the coolest alternative blogs in the world and our readers span from cool bikers to dirty fashionistas. We are looking for partners that together with us wants to reach a new level, and that could be you!

We are offering you :

  • A customized banner, 70 000 cool people linked to your sight.
  • Our members newsletter containing the latest news and insights.
  • Free entrance to all our parties.
  • A secret login code to our behind the scenes blog "Belladonnna secrets"
  • Super duper prices in our web-shop, that opens soon.
We want from you:
  • Cash!!
For more info and aplication contact , and hurry up we got a limited space.

//P.Belladonna is betting on horses

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