Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creative or fucked up, that is the question?

Now is it proven, there is a difference between creativity and creativity. For such a long time so many have wandered the earth calling themselves creative, our world is packed with self-declared creatives... But there is a big difference between creativity and "Creative brilliance". Creativity is nothing you learn in art or a designer school, it is something you are born and live with. Sweden's biggest morning paper SVD just released an extended report on creativity and creativity brilliance and mental illness and the role of D2-receptors that controls the creativity.

In a society where the competition is rock-hard, creativity is an essential skill and the lack of it, often makes people feel impotent. Therefore creative wannabes are spreading our life´s with their mediocre attempts, but they miss one essential part, "art". It is within the art perspective that creativity transcends from creativity to "creative brilliance". Creativity itself is just a survival skill helping people to handle normal tasks in life, learn how to get on the subway without paying, to deduct taxes and how to get a babe in bed, you can be good at it, or not... but BDT is talking of "creative brilliance". The outcome doesn´t necessarily have to be brilliant for the creative to be brilliant, most of the time it is the failed, the not so talented person that is judging the work, the gallerists (with their own name on the gallery...pleeease give up!!!), media critics (with their own picture printed next to the article...pleeease give up!!!) and of course normal creative people. Creative Brilliance is a process with art in polemic interaction with the contemporary world. It is within the creative energy and its ability to rock and change the world that the brilliance lies, we mean what is creative about repeating the past..?

So what is art.. and the person that devotes his life to it ?? Some call them artists, people that allow themselves to listen and follow their inner voices (the more voices the better). It is a person that dives when everybody else are surfing on the latest trend-wave, it is a person who sees a possible solution within every impossible situation, all to make a better world. His life is his media, everything from mathematical numbers to cold hard iron, he is an interpretor scanning for the clues to give us creatives the truth.

BDT thinks the SVD theory sounds great but they just don't stick to the SVD Schizophrenia/Creativity theory which means that you only have the power of two people to handle. But as usual BDT take it a little bit further. So now they are at a "multi-personality-center" in Uzbekistan. The very famous scientist Ulgar Fernoma has under the inspiration of Luke Reinharts book "The dice man" organized a camp for modern people that got tired of themselves. He says that every person has got at least 8 personas, and it depends on your growth which one you affirmed and which one your surrounding told you to suppress, that resulted in who you became. So what happened to the 7 other personas..could it be that you are trapped in a social cage?? He tells us that his patients often feel that there is a big difference who they wanna be, and who they became, and the the gap in-between these extremes are what makes them unhappy. By unlocking multiple personas Ulgar Fernoma open doors to possibilities within his patients that makes them more complete, creative and of course more true to themselves.

BDT has just finished their week in Uzbekistan unleashed their demons and are heading home on their new polished BDT bikes, ready to take on new challenges as their new true creative multiple personas.

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Ps. Is it a creative or cynical insight that if we would have posted a naked lady with this story, it probably would have had 5 times more readers.

Ps 2. Translation for Slice

//P.Belladonna says that "people are so fucked up trying to be somebody, that they forget who they truly are".

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