Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The God Blog

Invitation card from God

The absolute impossible has happened...!!! Yesterday the BDT Boys got a call from a telephone salesman from heaven. The boys were offered a free ticket to heaven...?? God, who of course isn´t a stupid man, (he created you your stupid fuck) has realized his effort of trying to convert the BDT boys into obedient faithful citizens has failed. Yesterday he got a report from Google analytics and the BDT blog is reaching 70 000 unique readers....!!?? The BDT blog is turning into a powerful moral nightmare preventing Gods intentions of making earth into a quiet and peaceful place to live. So now he is offering remission in exchange for a free ride to heaven, hoping that the BDT boys will end their bizarre crusade. For ages he has converted lost seeking people into fanatic followers in different religious cults, in exchange for his divine recognition. The BDT boys, that are pretty satisfied with their frivolous behavior, instantly turned Gods offer down, but promised him private lessons in the power of social media. God who is a traditional dude was critical in the beginning but eventually accepted the deal, hoping to find a new creative way to get his messages out without have to consult his pedophile army of priests. BDT is looking forward to read Gods firts attempt to interact in these new channels, which by the way is http://www.thegodblog.blogspot.com

//P.Belladonna is a TRUE believer..

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