Thursday, May 13, 2010

The new land of BDT

The BDT blood affair is filling every part of the empty pockets with money. The Realdolls are ordered, but!! BDT had such high standards of their order, they choose special eye color, breast size, body size, fully drilled etc, that the order will take at least 8 weeks...?? The BDT boys cant possibly wait that long...!! Emergency alarm!! BDT's fully loaded rockets are starting to produce a heavy black smoke that makes an erupting volcano on Island look like a child fart. The whole aviation industry, that can't afford another crisis, has sent the BDT boys an angry letter saying that they will sell all their business to Ryan Air if the boys don't immediately emigrate and leave the county. The boys that likes to fly with dignity and being treated like people, realized that this threat had to be taken seriously.

BDT that practically is swimming in money is planning in buying a Greek island and move there fast. Greece, that recently is experiencing economical problems (a big group of economical consultants are helping them to find out what went wrong), BDT knows the answer, when Greece went from Drachmer to Euro they took their chance and increased the prices with a few 100% . So from being a hospitable country they became a tourist machinery, their new slogan was -"Come here and swim in our azur blue water...while we fuck your tourist asses", just like Paris (however in Paris you take a dive in dog poo). So now they are selling all their islands to high bidders.

BDT is looking at Mykonos, the promiscuous paradise island for sexual liberated free spirits. BDT is planning to make the whole island into a naturist swingers society for bikers all around the world. To take their social responsibility, they are going to open and establish a clinic for people with sexual addiction. But BDT has a different approach, instead of helping the needed to get rid of their abuse, BDT is going to release the patients of their burden of desire. These plans will help Greece back on their feet ripping people off, helping the "truly" needed and finally the BDT boys will get some action..!

ps. Please help us come up with a brilliant name for this beautiful island..

//P.Belladonna is having another gyros..for 10 Euro!!

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