Sunday, May 2, 2010

On and off, get laid #1

Soon in every mans hand, the
Belladonna Sewing Score Machine

Do women think about any thing else than clothes?...they eat, breed, and live clothes. According to a late research, women think about clothes 9090 times a day. At the same time on another planet men think 9090 times how to get them off..can you see the problem? Through history, men always thought the reason they didn't score was that they weren't god looking enough, hadn't got the coolest car or didn't by enough champagne at the latest party. When the truth is women prefer the things they love most closest to their body - their clothes. Through a recent survey 1000 women were asked what they wold choose if they got an unlimited shopping card for the rest of their life or if they had to give up sex, 999 took the card. For a weak moment we think they dress up for us... but what a fatal mistake, the dress up to impress people with the same passion..for clothes.
Women have for a century been fighting for the equal rights and help men to see behind the female body, but at the same time they are building up the biggest wall in wall in the genus history - fashion.

Since this last discovery BDT has started up a sewing course and during the following weeks the BDT boys has estimated that the scoring statistics will increase with 589%. So instead of working out their six packs, buying expensive Wine, climbing the ladder of a successful career or even trying to treat women as equal being they are the BDT boys are at the sewing machine making sweet little clothing for them to wear.. Today the BDT boys never leave home without a little pair of knickers or shirts. And guys what a hit! To lure them of one outfit and offer them a new one, and in between try to get a quick one.. Guys, haven't you got this revolting insight!? We recommend you to run to the nearest store and buy preferably a "Belladonna Sewing score machine" (yes we invested a huge amount of green ones when we realized this spectacular insight). So instead of hanging in front of your v-twin, go for a machine that truly gets you laid - the sewing machine..

To be continued...

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//P.Belladonna putting your tung in the right position got a new perspective..

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