Monday, May 24, 2010

Our great friend Joel-Peter Witkin

Joel-Peter Witkin and Speedy outside Arlanda
Yesterday we got a phone call from what we think is one of the greatest artist in the world, Joel-Peter Witkin. He is visiting Sweden to lecture and to inaugurate the new photographic museeum, he had previously heard of BDT's crazy adventures. Joel-Peter Witkin that right now is working on a new masterpiece, was in search of dead man's head with the typical Swedish expression of arrogance and he wondered if BDT could be at service. BDT has never denied another artist in need, and of course replied, yes!

Kl. 05.46 in the sunday morning BDT and Joel-Peter Witkin went in an old VW to the Woodland Cemetery with a little shovel and a bag of duty free spirits. But when they early in the morning crossed the green hills of the Cemetery they met a group of naked women, dancing in a circle...
Joel-Peter Witkin throwed himselves out the of car and chased the women into the morning mist, whom immediately runs away. The fog is so dense that the only thing that sticks up from the mist are the gravestones, Joel-Peter Witkin climbs up on one gravestone, and from the of top of it he can see the naked women hiding behind a big bush.

It turns out that this is a group of modern witches who carry on their weekly morning ritual, Joel-Peter Witkin invites the naked ladies with Jack Daniels and forget of his primary mission. The women immediately get caught by Joel-Peter Witkin's great charm and amazing stories, so soon the whole group is intertwined in a big circle singing beautiful folk songs and drinking the holy hot-water. When the clock approaches nine the whole group falls asleep in a big pile and wakes up by a Japanese tourist and his camera.

When we yesterday left Joel-Peter Witkin at Arlanda we promised to donate all our body parts to his art in case of possible death .

//P.Belladonna is prepared for the worst

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