Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get laid part #2 "Real doll"

Say hello to Sally, she is a real doll, yes a REAL doll made out of 55 kg of silicone. The BDT boys' resent attempt to make clothes to get laid has totally failed. The boys forgot that is wasn't just about nice looking clothes, which they accidentally succeeded to create, is was about brands!! If the right little tag wasn't in place, the creations were totally wrong, the women weren't just wearing advanced cut couture, they were walking billboards of a collection of brands. BDT that has a sex drive that could support a nuclear power plant have to find a quick solution as their libido is burning for spring sensuality. Fortunate the BDT boys are a creative community of dudes..quick impulses have to be easily satisfied (this time of year burning rubber is just not enough). Every man has a budget for each romantic adventure, from the first date to real action, and cutting costs and minimizing the risk are crucial. The creative combination of alcohol, dinners and great looks is still a very unsecured and expensive technique, is it possible the get the price per action down??

After this Friday's party in the dungeon, the brilliant idea came up when a old BDT member again after over using the alcohol part and in the get laid process disappointedly commented..she was like a dead doll!! He continued his story by telling the majority of his erotic experiences has being disappointing to that fact, (if he couldn't get them going with his missed out looks or that he just cut time in the process by filling them with alcohol will be left untold) but the fucked up fact remained. If his intimate female encounters most of the time felt like dead dolls, why not just buy a DOLL, then you can use them again and again and again, no complain, no head ache - just pure action..and if you are a hell of a dude the cost can come down to practically nothing...BINGO!!!

To be continued...

Get your self a Real doll!

//P.Belladonna is pumping it up

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