Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Harder than a rock..

The year is 1984 and Norway has found oil for the first time. So from being in the shadow of their big brother nation in the east, Norway passed the leader of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden. Norway stories (for centuries the swedes had made up funny stories of their small neighbor nation) turned into Sweden stories. The next coming years were followed by a mass emigration from Sweden to Norway, since the salaries in Norway increased with 22% while the welfare economy crashed in Sweden. So should you by a mistake slip across the border into Norway today and have to stop by a gas station to fill your stomach with a hot-dog, you have to come up with 10 €..While the economy and the Swedish crone was equal with toilet paper, the Norwegian economy flourished.....until today!!!

The BDT boys were so urgent to get laid, they went through the ordering process buying them selves a Real Doll, a 100% get laid security. At the end of the process they became honestly aware of the price!! 6999€ !! What the f***ck, why should life treat you so hard? The BDT boys that already spent a fortune on getting their bikes in riding position, looked deep into their empty wallets. Creative actions were required!!

The whole BDT gang went to donate blood which is great business in Sweden. At the same time in Japan a business man over heard the BDT boys blood transfer actions. So yesterday the Swedish export council and foreign minister got a call from the Japanese business man that wants to order 200.000 liters of the potent BDT Blood (until today for a very secret amount). It came to a fact that the blood of the BDT boys is 6o times more effective than the essence of moose horns that the Japanese are importing tons of from Sweden today. People in northern Sweden have for ages hunted small Japanese people sneaking around in the forests seeking for the aphrodisiac gold, the moose horn that is twice the effect of Viagra, but goes for 100 times the price.

An economist at the Swedish government has estimated the BDT blood affair to be the biggest export product for ages, and not since the artist E-type had his last hit the prognoses for the Swedish economy has looked so good. In a report made today by the United Nations, the blood by BDT is proclaimed as one of the biggest undiscovered nature recourses on earth. The Swedish government is dancing and smiling. At last they got a little pride back after selling their industrial soul, Volvo, Saab etc, etc.....

Problem solved. Sweden got their face back towards their brothers in the west, the mooses will live, the Japanese will get some life in their small sticks and BDT boys will get laid...

To be continued..

//P.Belladonna is freestyling..

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