Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love warrior # 98

© Vladimir Rodjenko 2010
Yes, you are allowed entrance to BDT; the museum of your dirtiest dreams. Just buy your ticket at the counter of dare!! Our new Love Warrior "Julia"asks us what really defines a real man?? Is it by weight, wallet or look. Julia says neither..A man is a person that live close to his dreams and devote every day into realizing them, no matter what!! BDT listen to her advice, and went home to their loved-ones and introduced the idéa of the "BDT swingers society"!! Why should we live in suppressed monogamy when modern times demands for change. Monogamy, the relic of a aging religious moral standard is nothing that plays along with the free spirit of BDT. Julia is over exited by this creative initiative and has just applied for a life time members-ship to the new club.

Sign up here: Start living

//P.Belladonna is not fucking around.

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