Friday, June 18, 2010

Take a bath.

Yes we know we are lovers of dirt, but clean, vibrant and beautiful...dirt, transcended from the floors of the BDT dungeon into a state of mind, in this condition dirt becomes a religion. Is it possible to collect all evil in society and transform it into something beautiful?? what gigantic machinery is capable of such task?? Well we got the answer..The collective minds of the dirty BDT boys! With this insight the BDT boys has sent a letter to the Swedish Church.

So after the Swedish Church got the letter they donated a reasonable amount of resources to finance the BDT dirt transformation project. Dirt, the dark forces that creates life, heavily guarded and controlled by society is planned to be released. The BDT boys is building a dirt to love transformation factory as i write. It contains a big, big, BIG bath tub. BDT invite all the dirty minds (with a pretty Face) to take a swim..while the BDT boys sings divine acapella. After the water is extracted and a secret ingredient is added; This elixir is told to erase all the evil on earth.
Belief it or not!!

More great pics by Alex Freund

//P.Belladonna have to stop lying..

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