Thursday, July 29, 2010

The BDT style!!

BDT is under attack again, evil rumors is spreading around the internet saying that BDT is just a bizarre dream or a twisted fantasy, that Rob, Speedy, Slice and Fucks is just a fiction, based on real bikers..?? People start to question if BDTs crazy BDT dungeon really exist and that is just a ordinary motorcycle garage..??

Well what could we say..?? The rumors are right!! BDT is not a space..!! BDT are not some cool people..!! BDT is not even something you can put your hands on and specially nothing you can own..!! BDT is a free spirit you earn..!! IF, you devote your live to explore the unlimited forces of creativity and love and never fall in the evil pits of bullshit talking, envy, prejudices and conventions. Then BDT is closer than you image, then YOU ARE BDT !

//P.Belladonna is doing it...