Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love Warrior meeting...

This weekend there was a meeting at secret place in Stockholm. Eighteen of Belladonnas Love warriors have been given the task of arranging Bellladonnas 100 000 visitors Party!! The meeting began with dinner served by BDT's Master Chief Speedy. There were grilled venison and potatogratin, the evening continued with cocktails and the usual oil wrestling in the BDT dungeon.

But most import of all, the date and place was booked for the craziest party of the century. The 2 OCTOBER.!! The battle will begin at nine a clock an be held at a super secret space close the water at the end of a bridge (the location will be released a couple of hour before the party). The Love Warriors decided that an exclusive selection of 200 hundred guests will be invited, who they will be ? (except all the 100 love warriors of cause) will be announced continuously here on the blog by Love Warrior #110.

Further information about the evening's activities will be partly leaked out here on the blog, but above all be communicated to all invited, The Love warriors promise that it will be the craziest event you ever experienced...We cannot wait..!!
Apply for the guest list, partscreative@gmail.com

//P:Belladonna is speech less..and even more..


Anonymous said...

Emailet stutsade tillbaka som en Jawa i ett träplank...
Moon ansöker i alla fall om party-pass.

t said...

who do I gotta bribe for an invite?