Friday, August 20, 2010

Feel the heat!! 100 000 visitors!!!

What can we say!!?? We have traveled around the world, gave birth to children, build the coolest bikes and kissed the most beautiful women on the planet, but that is nothing compare to knowing that we today reached 100 000 unique visitor here on the BELLADONNA BLOG...100 000 different people from over 125 country's that share our wicked dream??? IT IS F*CKING unbelievable!!!!!

We wanted to create a utopia for like minded life hungry souls searching for a watering hole in a dry desert of the reality, but we could´t imagine the out come on that journey. We invited fellow souls to share our vision down in a dirty basement in the center of Stockholm. A headquarter for loving, beautiful, creative people on a mission, a mission to give the "ordinary" a fight and liberate and release the alternatives...true modern rebels fighting for the right of being different!!

Today we don´t feel alone any more, you have profen that there is hope!! IT is So F*CKING awesome knowing that we are not the only F*CKED up dudes on this planet. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for making our world a greater place.

Ps.We are planning a big party at the beginning of October, more on that later..

//P:Belladonna has a tear is his eye, for real!!

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Casselbrant said...

It could be the chix!