Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Inner life!

It have come to BDTs knowledge that over use (abuse) by the BDT Blog is connected to repeatedly relationship breakups ??

People hook up fall in love with each others due to each others different unique manners and habits. It is a persons special character and flaws that one day make them interesting to someone, it is what defines them as unique beings and separates them from the mass. But as time goes by people try to change and convert their partners into something more fitted, related to their own reality. We see people sacrifice their passions, just to be a "better" man?? So, as ironical it may sound, the same reason people fell in love with you, for the same reason they will leave you as you slowly let your surrounding castrate your character. The same day they transformed you into what THEY want, the same day they will leave you for something more interesting and exiting.

But the BDT blog has a reverse effect, Readers are after repeated visits slowly slowly transforming back into their true self and their partners are losing control. It have come to BDT´s knowledge that their is a revolution of people standing up saying- You have to accept me for who i am or... FUCK OFF!!

Haha, well you can understand the brutal consequences?? Honestly is not directly a universal language, and as most of people facing something unknown, the run. And that is exactly what is going on. Home movie rental have deceased with 20% (this is what people do after years in relationship, rent movie, drink whine and watch tv). IKEA, partners Sunday picnic-visit destination has lost 32% in revenue. But as every thing look dark as the sky in Island, the racing tracks are over crowded and relation-chip counseling are flourishing.

We are sorry, that was not our intent to break up relationship, but face it if you cant accept your partner for what he REALLY is, don´t blame it on us, or on him for that matter!!

//P:Belladonna sends out a message..


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the best blog message ever! when are the BDT t-shirts coming then boys, I know when I have one the girls of England will all fall at my feet....