Friday, September 10, 2010

BDT Space program revealed

Our latest Love warrior, an ex employee at NASA is working day and night on the spaceship that is going to take BDT and their friends to space. This is the first super secret pictures taken by Fucks yesterday of the magnificent futuristic machine. There are some exclusive seats left for highest bidders and there are some rumors that there are no return tickets?? Once the BDT gang and their lovely friends has left earth they are never going to return again, they are going to circle around earth forever!!

The ship is equipped with all the essential things a demanding person can ask for, Fully equipped workshop (Of cause you can bring your bikes), Strip bar (all the love Warriors is going to join us), a library with all the greatest books in history, a 5 star restaurant (All included) and most important a 300 m racetrack. We are going to sleep all together on one gigantic madras singing national anthems and watch the stars trough the gigantic glass roof...

//P:Belladonna is the future..

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