Saturday, September 18, 2010


Joonas made it into the big boys, as a prospect of BDT, he tonight with his GP win enter the inner circle as a regular member of BDT, he just requested one thing...the name, "CHAMP"!! Joonas!! You got it!!

We received this picture on mms just a minute ago, Joonas and his mechanics is on the road between Dresden and Berlin, but promised us that he is going to bee in the dungeon on Tuesday night, so friend and fans, see you there!!

Joonas at work, another day at the job.

//P:Belladonna is preparing the grill..

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Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats Joonas !!!
Moon Racing with Dennis Andersson took home another gold medal,
the U21 Sweden !! Not without help from legend Hasse "Manlito" Holmkvist.
Keep it coming, sideways