Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mods Vs Rockers 2010

This years Mods Vs Rockers battle was settled in a sunny Stockholm. BDT was there without their bikes and 4,8 % alcohol in the blood...The BDT gang was transported to the location on a small flying carpet that they won on poker the night before. In ´Sweden people cant ride motorcycles an drink?? But there are no rules against flying carpets..

BDT that are used to see things from a frog perspective was surprised how beautiful things look from above. And when the gang passed the parliament house (Riksdagshuset), Speedy of cause could hold his blister. So passing over the house Speedy gave the Swedish politicians a gigantic golden shower containing 6% of non tax alcohol. You should have seen the faces of the drown politicians, what a fantastic sight, like ants swimming in a heavy tropical rain...

//P:Belladonna is joining the battle!!

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