Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweden anno 2010

Belladonna is in chock, yesterday the Swedish election was settled. A Nazist party made it into the parliament! In fact all of Sweden is in chock, how could this happen in this innocent picturesque little country?? Well, BDT have predicted for years that something is radically wrong.. We have not by provocation but by confrontation of stagnated norms trying to wake up the Swedish people out of their sweet dreams. The politicians are running the country from the same receipt as 100 hundreds ago, but the ingredients have changed. Well you are obviously our reader, you know that we can say, What was it that we said!! But that wouldn´t help us now, for the first time in our life we are sad to be right!!

So we are reqruting people for a contra-offensive. We are marching naked to the parliament painted in black color and we are not going to leave or wash it of until the Nazis has left the building. If you are a tourist and are planning to visit Sweden, please don't do that, due to the respect of mankind.

//P:Belladonna is gathering his army..


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