Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vote for Belladonna

BDT´S election poster

Put the red dot on every poster you see!!
We could´t stand it anymore. People are bailing the election-rooms, the voting attending prognosis is down to 27 %. The politicians are asking them-selfs what the problem is?? Well BDT can tell you, EVERYTHING!! Sometimes in history evolution makes a jump, things don´t change anymore, they are being replaced!! It calls a Paradigm-shift, the politicians have missed how disruptive technology and social media forever have changed how we make decisions. We don´t need superiors anymore to tell us what to do, we got each other!! Information is suddenly moving in an horizontal way. Instead from before from top to bottom, information and ideas are now spreading in a true democratic way, along each-other, were the outcome is the collected wisdom of the crowd. The new reality is slowly taking shape, formed and crafted by the creative innovators around the globe.

Internet have made people-power a fact and soon the incomes of the car salesmen, sorry i mean politicians, history (Well it is a significant resemblance, they sell something shiny on the top but rotten inside and say anything to sell their product)

Belladonna is joining the election by releasing the strongest campaign of all, an "idea" to take a ride in the minds of ours readers.


-------Do Whatever you like, as long it doesn't hurt someone else-----

  • Legalize drugs, cigarettes are legal, why should´t the second most dangerous drug be legal?
  • Legalize prostitution, some people cant get laid?? Should society doomed them to eternal celibacy and reject people from one of the most essential thing in life??
  • Give every person a Belladonna tracker, a true civil right!
  • While you put the BDT tracker in the garage due to the snowstorm, public transportation should be free.
  • Well!! are we doomed to survive 6 month i a dark prison, at least boose could be cheaper, so no more tax on alcohol, during the cold winter month.
  • Criminalize politicians, launch a democratic Internet voting system where the citizen's get an account where they can interact daily with the political issues. Release colors from their political prison and let them be what they really meant to be, true inspiration.
  • And most important, criminalize freedom of speech, or the freedom of verbal abuse as we call it. Think about it!! what happens if more people like us get the chance to spread their idiotic thoughts?? Thinkers like us have to be quieted down, forever!!!
//P:Belladonna, ideas are the deadliest weapon on earth, Criminalize them!!??